Lanai Options For Your Home

Lanai Options For Your Home

Lanais are a common feature in Florida homes to shield residents from insects and the outdoors. A lanai should be practical in addition to having a beautiful design that improves the appearance of the house as a whole. However, a lot of individuals struggle to design their lanai such that it blends in with the rest of the inside.

To that end, we’ve put together a collection of fantastic lanai designs to make it easier for Floridians to locate their ideal match.

What are some fantastic lanai design ideas?

A homeowner should typically design their lanai to suit their tastes. However, if nothing occurs to you, at least one of the following ideas ought to work:

Pool Lanais With A Fence

Bugs swarming close to people’s swimming pools is one of Florida’s most annoying problems. By encircling the pool with a screen, bugs may be kept out of the home most effectively. Sun protection is increased with a UV-blocking screen. The densest screens will logically block the most sunlight.

There are three primary possibilities for the frame when installing a screen: brown, white, and black. Although white is bright and spotless, cleaning it can be difficult. Although black appears to be smooth, sunlight can eventually cause it to fade.

The nearby trees should also be taken into account because their leaves will appear on the screen. Pine should be avoided since the needles can clog the grid.

Caribbean Lanais

People have the impression of living in an oasis when they are on a tropical lanai. The wood used for the roof, decking, and general construction should be given priority. Among the alternatives that are most in demand are:

  • Cambara
  • African oak
  • Tigerwood
  • Cumaru
  • Ipe

The next stage is to add plants once the structure has been constructed. Choose vibrant and lush species, ideally those with fan-shaped leaves or eye-catching flowers. An atmosphere of the tropics will result from this kind of vegetation. Finish the space off with cozy teak, wicker, or rattan furnishings.

Exterior Spaces

It’s a great concept to create a lanai out of an outdoor area. The garden, for instance, might be converted into a lounge, second living room, kitchen, or spa. If the outdoor area is particularly vast, the lanai could have multiple zones.

Building different terrace levels for the decking is a terrific place to start. A sizable area for chairs and a long table may also be present. This setup is perfect for taking food from the outdoor kitchen to the deck. Additionally, a day bed on another level of the lanai may be used for afternoon naps.

Pick The Best Match

It can be challenging to design a lanai, but all it takes is a little imagination. These three instances could serve as a great place to start. Once you’ve chosen the lanai style, furnish it with chic furnishings to create the ideal space for unwinding.  If you are in Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers, or one of the surrounding areas call 3G Home Exteriors to assist with your lanai design.  3G also rebuilds lanais and offers pool cage rescreen and pool cage painting.  Contact us today to get a free quote.