Retractable Screens


Retractable Screens

3G Home Exteriors offers a number of different pool enclosures based on each individual’s unique needs.  We also offer Pool Enclosure Rebuilds, Motorized Retractable Screens, Pool Cage Rehabs, Screen Repair and Re-Screens.

Motorized Retractable Screens

Retractable screens have become a very popular options for SW Florida home owners. Motorized screens can transform an outdoor space bringing the outside in. The easy to use screen works so you can protect your loved ones and self from pests, debris, harmful UV rays, and more. Spend more time on your outdoor space with just a quick installation that instantly upgrades your home.
Retractable screens provide energy efficient sun shading, shelter from insects, climate control capability, and rain/wind reduction. The ingenuity of our screens please homeowners with beauty, multiple applications, and ease of installation. We have maximum sizes spanning from 30’ wide to 21’ in height. The screens can be used for pool enclosures, patios, insect screens and garage screens.

Exterior Solar Screens

Solar screens can dramatically add value to your home, providing a more uniform outside appearance. In addition to providing instant daytime privacy, solar screens offer great energy saving benefits by blocking up to 90% of the sun’s heat before it enters your home. Exterior solar screens increase the comfort of your home by considerably reducing indoor temperatures, while letting in soft natural light. Solar screens also help protect your carpeting, paintings, furniture and other valuables that commonly start fading under direct sunlight.

Insect Screening

Our heavy duty, vinyl-coated Pet Resistant Motorized Insect Screens keep disease carrying insects and flies from entering your home. They allow air flow in and filter sun heat while preventing debris, insects and animals from entering your home. Resistant to punctures and tears from household pets, they are designed for use in patios, garage doors and any high traffic areas. Insect Screens are seven times stronger than traditional exterior screens. Our Insect screens have antimicrobial protection built-in to them for continuous protection against stain and odor-causing bacteria.