How To Keep your Pool Lanai Looking Brand New

How To Keep your Pool Lanai Looking Brand New

Tips To Keep Your Pool Enclosure In Great Shape

Although the term Lanai is a Hawaiian word, you don’t have to fly to the big island to find one. Lanais are popular features for SW Florida residents who are looking to provide some shelter to their yard or pool. Lanais are covered porches that use screens instead of glass for the walls. They are a beautiful and practical way to keep unwanted guests like bugs and wildlife out, without having to sacrifice feeling like you’re outdoors.  However, like anything with a screen, the harsh Florida weather can have lanais that can end up looking discolored and worn over time. The key to keeping your lanai looking beautiful is simply proper maintenance. In this article, we will discuss what causes unsightly coloring and how you can remove it so your lanai and screens are back to their former glory.

What Discolors Lanais?

If you notice the screens of your lanai have taken on an unwanted green or blackish hue, there are a couple possible causes for the discoloration.

  1. The first possible cause is algae. Algae thrives in moist places so it makes sense that a pool screen would be a common place for it to occur. When algae spores are released into the air, they often make their home on your lanai. If you are noticing black or grey streaks on your screens, you’re likely dealing with algae.
  2. The second thing that might be causing your screen discoloration is mold. Similar to algae, mold loves warm and moist environments. The moisture from your pool encourages mold growth and often leaves you with a green substance on your screens.
Fixes To Your Lanai Screens

No matter how beautiful your pool or yard is, if your lanai is covered in algae or mold it won’t look inviting. Although this is never a wanted scenario, there are a few simple fixes to get your screens looking new again.

  1. Soap and Water: Some soap, water and a lot of elbow grease can do the trick! Although this may be the simplest of the cleaning methods, it is an effective route. You’ll want to clean the screens with a soft bristle brush and ensure you’re cleaning both sides. This gentle method has the lowest amount of risk when it comes to damaging the screen and is a great option if you have the time.
  2. Vinegar and Water: You can step up your cleaning game by adding some vinegar when scrubbing the screens. You’ll want to mix the vinegar with water to dilute it. For this method a sponge will work as a cleaning tool. Make sure that you allow the solution to dry rather than washing it all off. This can prevent future mold or algae growth.
  3. Power Washing: If you’re in a time crunch, power washing is the fastest way to clean mold and algae off your screens. Keep in mind that you’ll want to use the lowest setting possible when starting to avoid any damage to your screen. This method also may require you to do some touch ups and spot treatments so keep that in mind.
3G Home Exteriors Serving Lee And Collier County Specializing In Pool Cage Rehabs

Although no lanai owner wants to find their screens turning color, the good news is it’s a problem that can be easily remedied. The above cleaning solutions should get your screens looking brand new so you can start enjoying them again!  If you need to replace the screen, remember to contact 3G Home Exteriors for all your Lanai or Pool Enclosure projects at (239) 994-5900.

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