Get Your Lanai Hurricane Ready

Get Your Lanai Hurricane Ready

Tips To Prepare Your Lania For Strong Storms

When you live in beautiful, sunny Florida, you also live with hurricanes. Although there is no way to make a hurricane not strike, planning for one can make a world of difference. Preparation is key when it comes to successfully navigating hurricane season and keeping your lanai intact after a storm. Check out these tips on how to get your lanai prepared for a hurricane and keep it looking its best.

Check for holes and make any necessary repairs :

If a hurricane or strong storm is in the forecast, carve out a moment or two to examine your lanai for any holes, rips or tears. Bad weather can cause any existing tears, even small ones, to get much larger or cause the lanai to rip completely. Spending the extra time to repair any existing damage, can save you from much larger, more time consuming issues, once the storm passes.

Make sure all doors are locked and secure:

In the frenzy that accompanies a big storm, many people often forget to make sure their lanai doors are not only closed, but locked. Safely securing doors is essential when it comes to limiting damage to your lanai and even additional property. Strong winds can easily pull a door off. Not only does this mean your lanai will have to be repaired but potentially anything the door can strike such as windows or your car.

Bring in all patio furniture and any other loose odds and ends in your yard

Big storms bring big winds and any loose items become a hazard to your lanai, your home and yourself. If you have patio furniture, garbage cans, or pool accessories, make sure they are properly stored inside. Your garage is a great place to put these items if possible. This ensures your lanai screens will be protected from any flying objects.

Tend to any hanging branches or limbs

When a storm rolls in, overhanging branches or tree limbs can equal a disaster. Prior to the storm, survey your yard and have any branches hanging over your lanai removed. This is important to avoid damaged screens or even worse, a dented roof or structural damage. It’s recommended to have your trees regularly maintained to avoid such problems from arising.

Call 3G For Any Lania Related Repairs

We hope these tips help you prepare for the next Florida storm and keep your lanai looking its best. However, if your lanai does suffer any damage from a storm give 3G Home Exteriors a call for needed repairs. From ripped screens to broken frames, our experienced team can get the job done.

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