Aluminum Trim, Soffit & Fascia Contractor

Serving Metro Detroit

At 3G Home Exteriors we believe in making sure that every detail of your home project is addressed professionally and accurately. All components must work together to provide the utmost in long-lasting satisfaction. As such, the trim and soffit is crucial to a quality job. Aluminum trim is completely maintenance-free, meaning that you can enhance the beauty of your home without ever needing to worry about painting your trim.
With a large selection of colors, you can choose the perfect color to accent your home, whether you prefer an eye-catching contrast or a monochromatic match.In the building industry, soffit refers to the underside of roof eaves, porch ceilings, projecting cornices or similar architectural features. With traditional soffit and trim material such as wood, building owners often have to deal with the hassle of continually needing to scrape, prime and paint the underside of their roofing. This is why aluminum soffits and trim are becoming so popular. When people choose aluminum, they get soffits and trim that will last for decades without any rotting, peeling or maintenance. In fact, people can even use aluminum to cover up wooden soffits and trim that are in bad shape..If you suspect there is any amount of structural damage to your building in Macomb and Oakland counties, then do not hesitate to contact us.  Please check out our reviews or view a gallery of our work.