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Many people do not realize the power of water until it’s too late. As they say “water always wins” and water will usually go where it wants to go unless it is directed otherwise. Many times water can cause damage to your home even after it has been safely controlled by your gutters and downspouts.

In many cases we find homes with the downspouts discharging directly next to the foundation, usually due to a downspout elbow falling off or simply because the original gutter installer didn’t know better. This water “pooling” effect next to the foundation can be a real problem, especially if the grade around the home is poor. This can lead to additional hydro-static pressure on the foundation walls.

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There are a number of considerations which must be made with underground drainage.  Especially concerning underground power lines or sprinkler systems as well as cement or brick paver walk ways which will determine how the trench will be dug. Every situation is different, but in general the goal is to safely take the water as far away as possible. This can sometimes be a challenge, especially when neighbors are involved. If you would like a professional opinion of your home’s drainage system, we offer a no obligation appointment with a professional from 3G Home Exteriors.