Ice Dam Repair and Prevention

Serving all of Metro Detroit


Preventing ice dams is one of the most important things any Metro Detroit homeowner can do. There are many measures to take to prevent ice dams from forming. For instance, making sure your attic has the proper ventilation, proper insulation levels and a quality gutter system. Here at 3G Home Exteriors, we are the pros in Metro Detroit roofing, siding and gutters and can install heat cables to prevent snow and ice from accumulating and damaging your roof or home.

Ice dams occur when indoor heating rises through your home’s ceiling and into the attic, where it warms the roof surface. This causes snow to melt and then freeze in your gutters, causing a dam that builds up on your roof and can cause thousands of dollars of damage in just one winter.

If your home has become victim of a bad ice dam, give 3G Home Exteriors a call today or fill out a webform and we will send someone out to take a look at give a free quote. We are based out of Fraser, MI and service all of Metro Detroit. Let us fix your gutters, roof and siding that can be damage by the awful Michigan winters. Ask us about our new financing options!